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Print Books: FAQ

This FAQ is for print books published through Nicolesy, Inc. and offered for sale online. To view all of Nicole's print book offerings, click here:

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Q: When will the Nicolesy Print books be available?

I plan on having two books ( Waterfalls & Waves and The Mask) ready for sale before the holidays of this year (2016). The third, The Art of the Blend, will be ready sometime at the beginning of 2017. All future Nicolesy book titles will be available in both print and digital form.

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Q: If I purchase the print book but also want the eBook and other digital files (videos, practice files, etc.), do I need to buy both of them ( digital version here, and print version)?

Yes. The print book and digital files are sold separately and digital files do not come included with your print book purchase. However, if there are any practice files associated with the book, those will be included with your print book purchase. More information on that will be available within the pages of your print book.

Q: Will I get a discount on the print book if I already purchased the digital version of the same book?

If you have already purchased the digital version, then yes, you will be offered a discount code for the print book of the same title. You will receive the discount coupon within the downloads of your digital purchase, and if you are subscribed to the Nicolesy Newsletter then you will also receive an email follow-up with the same discount code.

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Q: How much will the Nicolesy print books cost?

The paperback version of each book will be approximately the same price as their digital counterparts (eBook & video bundles). This may vary, however, depending on the title. Hardcover versions, on the other hand, will be more expensive due to the higher cost of printing and binding.

Q: Why are the Nicolesy print books more expensive than other books I can find in online and in-person bookstores?

When traditional book companies publish a book, they pre-purchase thousands of books, and due to the large quantity of books they have printed up front they will also get massive discounts from the printing factories. This allows them to sell them at a much lower price overall on both their own websites and other distributors.

All books published through Nicolesy, Inc. are self-published and available as print-on-demand purchases through both Blurb and CreateSpace (Amazon.com). This means that the distributor prints the book after you make your purchase. My company is very small and it is not possible to pre-purchase hundreds (or thousands) of books, store them, and then ship them myself. Even though the prices of both the eBook and print book may be similar, there are much higher manufacturing costs involved with creating a physical book.

Q: Are the Nicolesy print books available on Amazon?

Yes! Paperback versions of the books are available on Amazon with Prime shipping. However if you would like a hardcover version, you will need to purchase the book through Blurb.

Q: How long will it take to print and ship my book?

Printing and shipping will depend on which bookstore you purchase from, as well as where you live in the world. The printing time for Paperback books is typically only a few days, while the hardcover book takes a little bit longer. If you live in the US you will likely get your paperback book within 5–7 days after making your purchase.

If you have questions about your print book order, please contact the bookstore where you made your purchase (Amazon, Blurb, or CreateSpace).

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