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Which versions of Photoshop do the actions work with?

These actions will work in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC. There may be separate action files for each of these versions of Photoshop is included with your purchase.

I downloaded a preset pack, but when I try to use the actions from the pack I keep getting the following error:

"Could not complete the command because this version of Photoshop does not supply the services required by this plug in module".

If you are seeing this error, it is because you downloaded a preset pack which also includes a bonus action set for Photoshop. These actions are only usable in Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) (in other words, if you have version CS6 or earlier version then you will see the error). These "preset actions" (as I like to call them) use the Camera Raw filter, which is new to Photoshop CC and does not exist in earlier versions. (Earlier versions have Adobe Camera Raw, but they do not have the ACR filter inside of Photoshop.)

You can still use the presets in ACR. To do so, please take a look at the ACR Presets section here in the FAQfor information on installing and using your presets. 

How do I install my Photoshop Actions?


1. First, download the file to your computer and unzip/extract it on your computer.

2. Then, open up Photoshop and go to Window > Actions. 3. Click on the menu drop-down in the top-right of this panel:


4. Then, from the menu that pops up, select "Load Actions...".


5. Navigate to the actions file you just downloaded. It will have the extension .atn next to it (example "Nicolesy Essentials.atn".) Your new action set will now appear in the Actions panel. Tip: Be sure to back-up your new action file to a safe location on your hard-drive in case you need to reinstall Photoshop.

How do I run a Photoshop action on an image?


To apply a Photoshop action, make sure that you have the Actions panel visible (go to Window > Actions if you don't see it on your screen). Then, select the action you want to use to highlight it and click the Play button on the bottom of the panel.


What are Smart Filters, and how do I use them?

Smart Filters in Photoshop are a way to nondestructively edit your photo, as well as make changes to a filter after it has been applied to a Smart Objects. Many of the Nicolesy Photoshop Actions implement Smart Objects and Smart Filters, which will allow you to go into the settings and fully customize each filter after it has been applied. Not all images are alike, and you may want to apply these actions to files which vary in their image size/resolution. Smart Filters make it possible for each action to work perfectly for nearly all of your photographs. To edit a Smart Filter, click on the filter name below the Smart Filter mask. The filter will pop up and allow you to make the changes you need.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 1.53.15 PM

Do the actions flatten my layers, or will it leave everything intact?

These actions will not flatten any layers of your original image. In fact, most actions will even allow you to completely customize and edit the action's layers after they have been applied.

I purchased an action set, but I don't know how to use them. How can I learn how to do this?

The Video Tutorials section shows a demonstration of applying Photoshop Actions on your images and is the best source for learning how to use your newly purchased Nicolesy Photoshop Actions.