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Sky & Cloud Overlays

Nicolesy's Sky & Cloud Overlay Set

Set of 50 High-Resolution sky/cloud overlays, ON1 Presets, Luminar Presets, and video tutorials

If you've ever photographed a photograph with a boring sky and wanted to liven it up, then this set will get you off to a good start! This set includes 50 images of different types of all-natural clouds and skies are a great addition to your photo library. Plus, you'll receive detailed video training on how to use these images in your own workflow using Photoshop and ON1 Photo.

Included in your purchase are 50 unique cloud images, easy-to-install files to install into ON1 Photo and Luminar, as well as video training with instructions and tips on how to apply them to your images.

Included with this purchase:

  • Cloud and Sky Image Files: 50 cloud overlay files (JPEG)
  • ON1 Photo  Installation File: An easy-to-install .ONPreset file to add the cloud files to ON1 Layers and ON1 Effects. (ON1 Photo version 9, 10, and RAW)
  • Luminar Installation File: An easy-to-install .mplumpack to add the cloud files as presets in Luminar.
  • Video Tutorials: 8 video training showing the step-by-step instructions on how to apply these files to your images using ON1 Photo and Photoshop. Available to download or to view online. Also includes captions (in English), available when viewing the videos online.
  • Language: English

Please note: This item is delivered digitally as a download and is not a physical product.