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Sky & Cloud II Overlays

Nicolesy's Sky & Cloud II Overlay Set

Set of 200 High-Resolution sky/cloud overlays, ON1 Photo RAW Presets, Luminar Presets, and video tutorials

This massive pack of 200 sky and cloud files are the perfect addition to your texture and overlay collection. Not only do you get the high-resolution JPEG files, if you use ON1 Photo RAW or Skylum Luminar, you also get easy-to-install preset packs to make using these overlays a breeze. Plus, you'll receive detailed video training on how to use these images in your own workflow using Photoshop, ON1 Photo RAW, and Luminar.

Included with this purchase:

  • Cloud and Sky Image Files: 200 cloud overlay files (JPEG, 6000px by 4000px).
  • ON1 Photo RAW Installation File: An easy-to-install .ONPreset file to add the cloud files using ON1 Layers and ON1 Effects. Contains 200 presets, adding the sky overlays to the Presets panel as well as the "Textures" category in the "My Extras" section (Layers module).
  • Luminar Installation File: An easy-to-install .mplumpack file to add the cloud files as presets in Luminar. Contains 200 presets to quickly apply a sky overlay in Luminar.
  • Video Tutorials: Video training showing the step-by-step instructions on how to install and apply these files to your images using Photoshop, ON1 Photo RAW, and Luminar. Available to download or to view online. Also includes closed-captions (online only).
  • Language: English

Please note: This item is delivered digitally as a download and is not a physical product.

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    GordonLee F. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    10 Feb 2020
    I recommend this product


    There's always discussion about adding and deleting objects from a photo, put this set of Sky & Clouds II Overlays helps make a good photograph, in my opinion, better. It's like putting makeup on an already beautiful face.

    GordonLee F.
    United States United States
    steven davis verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    05 Feb 2020
    I recommend this product

    Skies and clouds for Luminar 4

    For anyone using Luminar 4 or On1 software the sky and cloud pack is a great addition as it offers a variety of skies to replace boring skies in any photograph.

    steven d.
    United States United States
    Jean M. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    29 Mar 2019
    I recommend this product


    I might not have known really how to use this product because I thought they were just going to be images of skies that you would overlay in your picture and paint in in Luminar and instead what I think is that they overlay the lighting effects on your image based on the way the sky is.

    Jean M.
    United States
    Bruce D. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    22 Jul 2018

    Great selection, high quality

    The images in this collection are high quality. There's quite a variety to choose from and one of the should work somehow some way. Flip it, squash it, rotate it, add color cast...well, you get the idea. When mother nature won't cooperate this collection (and the first installment) step in to fill the gap. And the tutorial video are eminently useful for masking in general. It all adds up to value. Use these as a starter to your own collection of sky images.

    Bruce D.
    United States
    Wim B. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II OverlaysWim B. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    17 Jul 2018

    Wonderful skies

    Wonderful skies, is all i can say. there are so many to choose from and for every light there is a perfect sky to match. It's just superb! thank you Nicole.

    Wim B.
    Darryl B. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II OverlaysDarryl B. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    16 Jul 2018

    Great Collection of Skies

    As the email said, no one likes boring skies, and I have a ton of them. I've collected my own library of skies over the years, but 250 skies for $50 is a no-brainer. Got a great collection of beautiful skies to use in a variety of situations. And if that weren't enough, for those that don't know how to replace a sky, it comes with presets and instructions. I have already turned many boring images into wow images since my purchase.

    Darryl B.
    United States
    James S. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    16 Jul 2018

    Nicolesy's Great Skies and Clouds

    I was able to make use of the Sky and Cloud presets for ON1 Raw within an hour of receiving them. Some pictures had been taken on the Coast of Maine in late morning. It was a little hazy and there were no clouds present. The pictures were flat. After a little work on the pictures I was able to finish them off with my new Sky and Cloud presets. Great results.

    James S.
    United States
    c.Charles W. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlaysc.Charles W. verified customer review of Sky & Cloud II Overlays
    16 Jul 2018

    Nicolesy Sky & Cloud II

    I started learning sky replacement with her first Sky & Cloud overlays. (See that review). They proved to be useful & varied. This 200 package has everything from sunny days to effective sunrises & sunsets. I have used many from other sources and feel these are the best. Whenever replacing landscape skies with misty background mountains or hills (which is most of the time), I've always been able to find a sky with approximatly the same hue and refine it from there.

    c.Charles W.
    United States
    20 Feb 2020

    Sky Cloud II

    Great quality, varied selection - integrates perfectly with Luminar 4 - very happy with the software.

    David M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    16 Feb 2020

    Great Choice

    A great selection of sky and clouds. enough choice for all occasions

    Shaun L.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    12 Feb 2020

    Sky Replacement Images

    Great value for the amount of sky images. Takes a lot time and effort trying to do this on your own. Thanks, to Nicole for her efforts!

    David F.
    United States United States
    02 Feb 2020

    Lovely skies for your composited images

    Excellent variety of skies provided along with first class ordering process.

    Frank W.
    United States United States