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Lightroom: Two Minute Tips

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Learn Lightroom, Save Time!

This knowledge-rich video training course features bite-sized tutorials, along with the very best tips and tricks inside of Adobe® Lightroom® CC. Each lesson is 1-4 minutes in length and focuses on one key feature in Lightroom. These videos save you time by getting to the point and teaching you only what you need to know, without excessive talk or ramblings.

Whether you are brand-new to Lightroom, or have been using it for some time, this course will help you learn even more and take your understanding of Lightroom, organization, and processing skills to a whole new level.

Video Training:

Description: 139 bite-sized videos teaching tips and techniques using Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC.

Format: Video (.mp4 files), HD 1080p video.

Closed Captioning: All online videos include closed captioning (English CC).

Length: 4 hrs, 57 min, 04 sec (04:57:04)


Description: A document listing each video file and their descriptions.

Format: PDF (Portable Document Format)

Length: 33 Pages

File Size: 45 MB

Additional Information

Video Delivery: Video courses are delivered via email and viewed on a website. The videos can also be downloaded to your computer.

Language: English

What version of Lightroom does this training work with?

This course was created using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® CC (version 2015.6). However the majority of the course is 100% relevant to the current version (Lightroom Classic CC)

Please note: This item is delivered digitally as a download and is not a physical product.