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The Art of the Blend

eBook, Textures, & Video Tutorials

Skill-level: Beginner/Intermediate 

  • If you have ever wanted to learn how to add textures to your images, then this eBook and tutorials set is the perfect addition to your digital library! In this step-by-step eBook Nicole shows you how to use Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and ON1 to create beautiful textured images. She explains some of the best types of photos to use when planning for your texture blend, and also demonstrates ways to adjust those images, along with the texture files, inside of Lightroom to get your blending off to a good start. Then she shows both basic and advanced methods of blending textures in Photoshop and ON1. And, you can watch all of the step-by-step lessons you see in the eBook in detailed video tutorials as well!

    But wait, there's more! Not only will you get a full-length eBook showing how to organize and blend textures and video tutorials to solidify the information even further, this product also comes with a huge texture pack, including 50 new and original textures. Plus, you can download the image files used in both the eBook and videos to follow with each lesson along while you learn.

    Here's what you get with your purchase:

    eBook: Step-by-step lessons on organizing, processing, and applying texture to images using Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, and ON Photo 9.5.

    Video Tutorials:Step-by-step video tutorials showing the steps demonstrated in the eBook. (See the "Video Curriculum" tab.) All videos include captions (CC).

    Textures: Fifty brand-new beautiful textures to use with your photographs.

    Practice Image Files: High-resolution (watermarked) practice images to use while following along with the eBook and video tutorials.

    Please note: This item is delivered digitally as a download and is not a physical product.

  • eBook:

    Description: Step-by-step lessons on organizing, processing, and applying texture to images using Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, and ON1 Photo 9.5.

    Number of Pages: 124 pages

    Format: PDF (Horizontal)

    File Size: 150.9 MB

    Published: September 10, 2015

    ISBN: 978-0-9893876-5-1

    Video Tutorials:

    Description: Step-by-step videos showing the tutorials demonstrated in the eBook. (See the "Video Curriculum" tab.)

    Format: Video (.mp4 files), HD 1080p video, Closed Captioned (CC)

    Length:1 hour, 15 minutes, 40 seconds (01:15:40)

    File Size: 779.1 MB

    Texture Set:

    Description: Fifty brand-new beautiful textures to use with your photographs.

    File Format: JPEG (4000px by 2667px); delivered as both .zip and .ONPreset files

    File Size (JPEG textures): 128.2 MB

    File Size (.ONPreset textures): 137.9 MB

    Practice Image Files:

    Description: High-resolution (watermarked) practice images to use while following along with the eBook and video tutorials.

    File format: JPEG

    Total File Size: 38.6 MB

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    1.01 Course Introduction (00:42)

    Chapter 2: Lightroom

    2.01 Chapter Introduction (00:37)

    2.02 Importing Texture Files (04:26)

    2.03 Creating a Lightroom Collection (03:46)

    2.04 Preparing the Image (03:33)

    2.05 Stylizing the Texture (03:15)

    Chapter 3: Photoshop

    3.01 Chapter Introduction (00:33)

    3.02 Opening Images into Photoshop (02:37)

    3.03 Basic Texture Blending (07:01)

    3.04 Editing the Textures using Clipping Masks (02:35)

    3.05 Applying a Gradient Mask (02:41)

    3.06 Using the "Blend If" Setting (03:04)

    3.07 Blending Multiple Textures (05:29)

    3.08 Working with Smart Objects (03:50)

    3.09 Masking with Channels (02:13)

    Chapter 4: ON1 Photo

    4.01 Chapter Introduction (00:35)

    4.02 Importing Textures Into on1 (04:59)

    4.03 Perfect Layers (04:59)

    4.04 Perfect Effects (05:16)

    4.05 Adding a Gradient Mask (03:38)

    4.06 Adding a Luminosity Mask (02:46)

    4.07 Refining the Mask with a Brush (02:32)

    4.08 Using the Box Tool to Isolate Subjects (04:09)

    Chapter 5: Conclusion

    5.01 Conclusion (00:24)


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    Nicolesy Store The Art of the Blend Review
    04 Jan 2018
    Makes my Images Better

    I just love the textures and tutorials I have purchased from Nicole. Her teaching has inspired me and her textures add to the beauty of my art photos. I appreciate her quick response to questions. Thank you!

    Lisa P.
    United States
    08 Nov 2017
    The art of blend

    An excellent, practical introduction to the use of the 'Blend' function in PS.

    Dennis J.
    United Kingdom
    18 Sep 2017
    Excellent !

    Merci Nicole pour le eBook qui me permet d'avancer facilement avec des explications illustrées simples, pour les videos et les jolies textures !!!! Merci beaucoup Dom a French photographer

    Dominique C.
    17 Apr 2017
    The Art of blend

    There is so much you can learn and do with these presets. I am just beginning to be comfortable with them. Anything that I have done using them so far turns out so good. Thank you for your videos to go with the textures and bokeh images. You make is understandable.

    Marcia M.
    United States