Practice File Instructions:

Learn how to get your practice image files into ON1 Photo RAW in order to follow along with the lessons in your tutorials:

Download the image files

First, download all image files. You will likely have more than one .zip file that you downloaded for this eBook.

Group all images together

Once all files are fully downloaded, first, unzip the files. You can do this by double-clicking the .zip file, or right-click and select "Extract All".

Then open each folder and group all of the files into one consolidated folder and move it to the location of your choice (such as, your "main" Photos folder where you keep all of your image files).

Open ON1 Photo RAW

Next, open ON1 Photo RAW and make sure you have the Browse module active. Then, in the Folders panel on the left, click the + icon:

Then, navigate to the folder you just created that contains all of your practice image files for the eBook:

Your files will now be visible in ON1 Photo RAW and easily accessible to work with while going through the projects in your eBook.