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March 04, 2018 1 min read

Some of the presets in the Nicolesy Store will contain ON1 Photo RAW preset files (.ONPreset). Installing these files into ON1 Photo RAW is easy!

Use these steps to install your presets:

  1. Download and unzip your new files (as needed) using the download link you received when you placed your order.
  2. Right-click on the .ONPreset file and select the appropriate (most recent) version of ON1 Photo RAW to install into.
  3. ON1 will open and ask you if you would like to install these presets. Click Yes.
    ON1 install
  4. The files will install and let you know when it is finished click Close to proceed.

    Applying ON1 Photo Presets:

    Using ON1 Photo Browse:

    1. In the Browse module, select an image you would like to work on.
    2. Next, make sure that the Presets panel on the left is visible.
    3. Click on the preset you would like to apply and it will add the effects to your photo.

    Note: If you would like to edit the preset effects and filters, please go to the Effects module.


    Using ON1 Photo Effects:

    1. First, open an image into the Effects module.
    2. Next, make sure that the Presets panel on the left is visible.
    3. Then locate the preset you want to apply to your image:
      1. To apply this preset and overwrite all existing filters, then click once on the preset to apply it.
      2. To apply this preset on top of any existing filters, right-click the filter and select Insert Preset.